Much of my work is hidden.
It's the custom tool that saves an artist 5 mins each time they want to test an asset. Or the glue code that prevents a typo from causing an issue that would take 3 hours to track down. Or the system that runs integrity checks on the data, preventing issues from becoming problems.

But I did find a few examples are self contained enough to capture in an image or short video.


Tool for comparing changes to an asset's mesh and textures before pushing to files to Unity.

The interactive viewer supports FBX and OBJ. It used our custom game shader and bound textures and maps when available.

Written in Python.
Uses Qt, PyOpenGL, Pillow, and pyassimp

Frame log

Command line tool for parsing Logcat streams from Magic Leap devices. It extracted real-time performance metrics.

It also kept track of game flow state so we could correlate performance to areas of the game.

Written in Python and Batch Script


Tool for visually comparing packed textures and images.

Supported inspecting channels together or independently. Provided options for displaying the delta between the images.

Written in Python.
Uses Qt and Pillow


Tool to allow baking of Substance Designer maps from inside Maya.

Exported the required mesh data, then bakes substance maps from templated settings.

It generated Designer files from a template and alleviated the time consuming task of hooking up all the maps into the correct slots.

Written in Python and Maya

Animation Clip Tools

Tool to slice up the animation timeline into individual clips.

Clips could then be export in a non-destructive and repeatable way.

Supported importing multiple clip files and laying them out onto the timeline.

Written in Python and Maya

Daily Report

Consistent and clear presentation of key performance indicators for mobile titles.

These reports were generated and emailed each morning for every product in our product managers portfolio.

Written in Python

Sol System

An homage to Steve Gildea's Planetary Suite using NASA imagery

Personal Photoshop project

Social Graph

Part of a series of experiments in visualizing my online social graphs.

This is a 3D graph of people I follow on twitter and their mutual connections.

Written in Python and Javascript
Uses Neo4j, ThreeJS, and 3d-force-graph

Polar Plotter

An on-going personal project to construct a coffee table with integrated polar coordinate plotter built into the top.

I have been using this to teach my self electronics and programming for embedded systems.

Modeled in Fusion360
Electronics in Eagle & Spice
Code in C & Python

Planer Extraction

A prototype exploring algorithms for extract planar features from room scan data with dense and noisy mesh.

Written in Python and Maya

Open SourceD Libraries


Expanded JSON serialization

cf-json provides a batteries included approach to extending the standard json module.


Encryption at rest made easy

cf-crypt is a package to help you keep all you data resting on disk secure. It make encrypting your data at rest as easy as reading and writing from a file.