Consulting & contract services

I'm excited to collaborate with you on short or long term engagements.

I have a wealth of experience in game development to share. I want to help you grow and nurture your talent. To support you and your team and give your studio a boost towards your goals. That could be helping lay the foundations of production, a safe pair of hands guiding optimization, or something completely different.

Lets talk and find out how I can help you!


  • Mentoring

  • Analytics training and KPIs

  • Version control setup and training

  • Social media tooling and reports

  • Web data collection and transformation

Early Production

  • Workflow & efficiency reviews

  • Artist tools for quality of life improvements

  • Automation tools for Maya, Substance, Photoshop and others content creation tools

Late Production

  • Graphics performance optimization

  • Custom shader work.
    Either from scratch or optimising node-graph base shaders.

  • Analytics custom event design

  • Analytics event integration